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'As if the world were reacting to the viewer, Boguszak shapes his projective topographic-dreamscapes as photographic Equivalents unleashed from reality.'

- Maria Veronica Cuomo, curator and art historian, Zurich

Czech-born Marek Boguszak is a photographer based in Prague. Greatly influenced by the aesthetics of Josef Sudek, Ansel Adams and Alfred Stieglitz, his body of work is an exploration of abstractions in landscape and classic photography representation. From analog to digital, black and white or color, Marek developed his visual vocabulary by working with sophisticated processing and printing techniques, both analog using silver gelatin and digital under glass.
In thirty-five years, Marek has established himself by recalling experimental methods of the early Avant-guard. Since 2019, his focus has been on creating a significant series of sand dunes photography, emanating colorful dreamscapes with new meanings.
Marek holds a PhD in sociology from Czech Academy of Sciences. He has presented solo exhibitions at international venues including Galerie am Lindenhof and Curator’s Lab, Zurich (CH), Galerie u Zlateho Kohouta, Prague (CZ), Fitzrovia Gallery, London (UK) and San Quirico d'Orcia (IT). He has received many awards and honorable mentions with TIFA, APA, IPA, Px3, ND Awards, FAPA.


I have learned much from the artworks of Josef Sudek and I was lucky to have lived for many years just a few steps from the place where he had lived and worked.


I was walking with my analogue camera along the same alleys and old gardens of fourteenth-century Prague. Surrounded by the atmosphere of tranquillity, stillness and intimacy one could focus on a little raindrop as if it were a whole world. 

In the near absence of strong stimuli for the senses, it felt like shooting ones deep-laid feelings, and I waited impatiently in my dark room to see whether a piece of that early morning misty melancholy would be there...


Shooting digital colour photography of deserts and sand dunes has brought me to a different world and a different state of mind. The calmness of deserts is magnanimous and dignified, the clear morning sunlight is skimming the elegant crests of dunes creating a rich palette of shadows, the soft sand surface and rounded shapes of dunes are reflecting and absorbing different wavelengths of the early light with gentleness and grace.


During the post-processing work, the combinations of interweaved shapes and shadows and streams of light offer possibilities to express any idea, any mood, and any level of energy in a special harmonious way, the harmony being originated in the creative forces of nature. These offerings ultimately transcend the reality of the desert.


As the recognisable world dissolves in abstraction, the image comes to work on one’s mind like a fragrance or a piece of music, eluding rational understanding and revealing itself fully only as a feeling.


First Place in the contest Wandering Curves, New York Center for Photographic Art, 2021

Jury TOP 5 Selection International Photography Awards 2021

Silver Awards

- Budapest International Foto Awards 2021

- Tokyo International Foto Awards 2021

- Moscow International Foto Awards 2021

Bronze Awards

- Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020

Honorable Mention (Nominee, Finalist):

FAPA 2021, IPA 2021, Px3 2021, ND Awards 2021, FAPA 2021, APA 2021, MIFA 2021, BIFA 2021, TIFA 2021, Siena Creative 2021, VIPA 2021, IPA 2020, APA 202, Px3 2020, One Eyeland 2020, TIFA 2020, Photo is Light 2020