Marek Boguszak was born in Prague, Czech Republic, where he still lives. Photography has been his great passion since his late teens. After graduating in mathematics Marek worked as a sociologist and in 1990 he became an entrepreneur in the area of market research. A few years ago he got an opportunity to return to photography. Recently, he has been creating abstract works revealing hidden structures, textures and colour palettes of landscapes. In 2020, he received the International Photo Award and his stand at the Saatchi Art Fair was one of the most frequently visited shows.


- Permanent exhibition in his own gallery in Prague featuring abstract works, since July 2020

- Solo exhibitions "Tuscany" and "Structures" in the "Galerie u Zlateho Kohouta" in Prague, June 2020

- Solo exhibition “Tale of Two Tuscanies”, December 2019, San Quirico d'Orcia, Italy

- Participation at International Art Fair Monaco, August 2020

- Participation at International Art Fair Zurich, October 2020 

- Participation at STARTnet Art Fair London at Saatchi Gallery, October 2020


- IPA 2020 - 3rd Place in "Nature, Landscape", multiple honorable mentions in "Fine Art, Abstract",
Nature, Landscape" and "Architecture, Historic"

- Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2020 - honorable mention in categories "Fine Art / Abstract",
  "Fine Art / Landscape", 
 "Nature / Landscape"

- FAPA 2020: nominee in categories "Abstract", "Fine Art", "Landscape"

- SIPA 2020: finalist in the "Nature" category



The things you see here are not visible to the naked eye in the world outside.  When you look at a landscape, you perceive an impressive whole; well-kept fields, beautiful valleys, distant horizons, dramatic sky. But the naked eye won’t make out the intricate structure of a faraway patch of land. It won’t find the scenery presented at different angles. It won‘t register its full colour palette or even complementary colours. 

It's only when we take a step back and look again that we see things in a different light. New contexts reveal what truly matters. New angles make us think again.


What we focus on and how we make sense of what we see - that's up to us to decide.

© 2020 by Marek Boguszak