Photographer Marek Boguszak was born in Prague, Czech Republic, where he still lives. Photography has been his great passion since his late teens. He received his first camera at the age of twelve when he started to experiment with photography. As a child, he was more interested in post-processing darkrooms and exploring exposures and contracts in photography than playing with his schoolmates. He started with black and white photography focusing on his country’s landscapes. His inspirations came from nature and other photographers like Josef Sudek, Ansel Adams, Alfred Stieglitz.

After graduating in mathematics Marek Boguszak worked as a sociologist and in 1990 he became an entrepreneur in the area of market research. Alongside, photography was his vocation, his passion and Marek Boguszak major method was to explore the unknown, the unseen in photography, making his photos a natural abstraction. The artist has received several awards and honorable mentions with TIFA, APA, IPA, Prix de le Photographie, Paris, FAPA and several solo and group exhibitions in London, Prague, Monaco, Zurich and Milan.

What eyes cannot see

I love sand dunes. Maybe it is because of my background in mathematics that I like these perfect harmonious lines so much. They are almost like mathematical equations presented to us by nature. Such perfect proportions, not touched by human hand, are difficult to find anywhere else.


And when a spectrum of light starts playing on the ideal shapes, a special kind of performance begins: From the pitch-black night through dark blue sky, when I can see just big black dunes, through red sky when purple dunes have blue shades till full sunrise. Alas, my eyes are unable to follow the ongoing parade of marginal colors on dunes' surface. Due to finely calibrated sensors and top processors, a camera is able to record wavelengths of light that are invisible to the naked human eyes.

Today’s technologies provide endless new possibilities: new methods, different perspectives, deeper knowledge. In contrast with ‘true real’, the things we can perceive by senses, our hi-tech world has been creating ‘new real’ for us--computer modelling, bitcoin, virtual reality, and so on. Frontier technologies empower us to develop, to change and also to destroy things completely.

However, in mathematics, the common thread is the search for order via abstraction: Once abstracted from their 'disturbing' surroundings, sand dunes reveal their beauty and clean geometrical forms and I can present them freely from different angles and different perspectives. Using sophisticated software I boost the recorded colors, even the marginal ones, and I work with them while preserving the basic material relationships I photographed.

Since the new perspective and color scheme prevent quick recognition of sand dunes in the final image and weaken ready associations with the familiar landscape, the brain is provoked to read the image anew and establish extremely personal understanding, associations, feelings, emotions ...


- Upcoming solo exhbition in Ftizrovia Gallery and group exhbition in Saatchi Gallery, both London, october 2021

- Solo e xhibition "The Narrative of Abstraction", Galerie am Lindenhof, Zurich, April - May 2021

- Ongoing exhibition in his own showroom in Prague featuring abstract works, since July 2020

- Particiption at the ArtBox Project World 1.0 online and in situ group exhibition, Zurich, January - May 2021

- Participation at the Visionary Projects online group exhibition "The Era of Change", January - February 2021

- Participation at Kromatic@ART online and onsite group exhibition at M.A.D.S gallery, Milan, February 2021

- Solo exhibitions "Tuscany" and "Structures" in the "Galerie u Zlateho Kohouta" in Prague, June 2020

- Solo exhibition “Tale of Two Tuscanies”, December 2019, San Quirico d'Orcia, Italy

- Participation at International Art Fair Monaco, August 2020

- Participation at International Art Fair Zurich, October 2020 

- Participation at STARTnet Art Fair London at Saatchi Gallery, October 2020


- FAPA 2021: nominee inthe category Abstract

- FAPA 2021 - nominee in the category Abstract

- VIPA 2021 - nominee in the category Abstract

- TIFA 2020 - Bronze and multiple honorable mentions in categories Fine Art / Abstract, Fine Art / Special Effects and

   Fine Art / Landscape

- APA 2020 - multiple honorable mentions in categories "Abstract", "Fine Art", "Landscape"

- IPA 2020 - 3rd Place in categories "Nature, Landscape", multiple honorable mentions in categories "Fine Art, Abstract",

   "Nature,Landscape" and "Architecture, Historic"

- Photo is Light, World Photography Contest, Top 10 in the category Fine Art

- IPA 2020 - 3rd Place in "Nature, Landscape", multiple honorable mentions in "Fine Art, Abstract",
"Nature, Landscape" and "Architecture, Historic"

- Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2020 - honorable mention in categories "Fine Art / Abstract",
"Fine Art / Landscape",  "Nature / Landscape"

- FAPA 2020: nominee in categories "Abstract", "Fine Art", "Landscape"